I helped a Digital Agency to create unique websites that comfortably convert end users.

Getting up to speed

Since 2021 I've been working with award winning Digital Agency Mr.SEO to help their clients optimise a web presence. Working closely with each Account Executive, I've crafted over a dozen different web sites with the team from Taco Restaurants in New York to an Ear Wax Clinic in Welling.

To keep projects on track and on budget, it's imperative the executive and I quickly gain a shared understanding for client goals for each page. From this point it's my job to take these page goals and break them down into sections with a strong vertical rhythm that will keep the average user engaged.

Building trust

I love adapting to each client's unique goals. Every project I'm forced to break my own design habits to draw the customer optically and cognitively towards the conversion goal.

However, one trait that all of Mr.SEO's clients want to bake into the design is timely trust markers. The executives and I make sure to dilute relevant trust elements that build on the sections before it. Often we will reach for live trust widgets in order to maximise brand confidence.

Making powerful webpages

A great example of a hero primed for targeted location

Part of the real magic of Search Engine Optimisation is in CMS pages. To target users based on their location or key word searches, Mr.SEO executives and I will craft designs with relevant snippets in mind to super charge the page. The goal here is to give the end user a more tailored entry point into discovering the client and their services.

Efficient handoff

Though I love the new challenges of growth design work, I often bring my in-house product knowledge into Mr.SEO's team. Particularly when handing over with developers, I will create component sheets with atomic design principles to ease implementation. I also provide various breakpoints and design mobile first where necessary.

Crafting something unique

Myself, the Wordpress developer and the team at Mr.SEO go back and forth on a staged version of the build to maximise the impact for the customer. For clients who are on the journey to unlocking their growth, we create a best in class, front of house for their business and a unique design that pushes their brand forward.